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Our design process has been successfully developed through seven years of hands-on experience. We believe this is the best way to achieve a design that both the designer and customer are completely satisfied with. We have distilled the process into six simple steps. 


Studio Windsor Ltd

From concept to build in 6 easy steps:

Step 1

Initial Consultation

The designer for your garden will visit you to talk through this process so all parties are familiar with each step. This is an opportunity to discuss what ideas you might have, as well as key requirements that must be delivered to make your dream garden a reality. Your designer will review the space, take photos and start to understand the environment. If possible, viewing the garden from inside your property as well. We will then provide you with a quote to design your garden. This step has no cost attached.

Step 2

Survey & Analysis

You have now accepted the quote and paid the digital invoice online. The designated designer for your garden will now return (possibly with a helping hand) to take accurate measurements of your space. Further photos may be taken and this is a good opportunity to change or add notes from Step 1 before our designer will draft your designs based on the package you have selected.

Studio Windsor Ltd

Step 3

Concept Design

This phase is already factored into your initial design quote. If it is included, that’s because your design has specific complications or complexity that requires another meeting. In this meeting, you will be shown brief outlines of a pencil design to show you the work in progress design thinking. This helps us ensure we are on the right track for your dream garden before finalizing the concept design. Any changes that need to be made are done at this phase.

Step 4

Planting Plans

If this step is not included in your design quote, then you will skip to Step 5. If it is in your quote, then your designer will be busy creating a mood board showcasing the plants they envisage using in your garden. They will also be producing a birds-eye view plan layout of what plants go where so when it comes to the best part of all which is planting the garden, everyone knows what is going into each plant bed and where each flora and fauna will be located.

Studio Windsor Ltd

Step 5


The exciting day has arrived. This is the last meeting included in your initial design quote. Your designer will present you with their created design as well as any add-ons you have paid for such as specifications, planting plans, 3D renders. Samples of the key materials they would like to show you are also presented during this stage as well as our quote to construct the garden. If a further meeting is required to discuss samples or different ideas then a quote will be given to you for this extended service. Once Designs are approved a final build quote will be delivered. This is the cost incurred to build your dream space.

Step 6


This is the phase where we are fortunate enough to have been commissioned by you to transform your design into reality. Our experienced team is onsite and ready to get to work. By now, we will have produced a formal contract of works that will correspond with the design plans already produced and approved. This ensures there is a clear understanding of what is included in the project and what is not. The designer will be involved throughout your project to ensure the designs are delivered on track and to quality. Your designer will be your point of contact for making material or layout changes during the build to ensure that these changes are managed appropriately. In addition, you will have a Site Manager who will lead the team and work closely with your Designer to deliver their vision. We’re really proud of the positive feedback we get on our team and we look forward to helping you create an outdoor space you can be proud of too.

Studio Windsor Ltd

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